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Happy National STEM/STEAM Day Eve! The internet makes plagiarism so easy ! This week’s tip was spurred by Mrs. McAlpin from the middle school who had a student show her an awesome website called EssayTyper that will create an essay on any topic you choose. I played around with the site for a while. Turns out all it does is search for whatever topic you type in on Wikipedia and copies different sections. It also makes it look like the user is typing in a word processor if anybody is looking over their shoulder. There are other sites like this, some more complex, but all of them have a weakness, the internet makes finding plagiarism so easy ! Quetext is an online plagiarism checker, copy and paste anything into it and it’ll scan the web looking for those phrases, paste in a few sentences or an entire paper. After its search it gives the piece a score (higher is worse/more plagiarized) and highlights phrases it found on the web and shows you where they are. There are other si