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Happy National STEM/STEAM Day Eve! The internet makes plagiarism so easy ! This week’s tip was spurred by Mrs. McAlpin from the middle school who had a student show her an awesome website called EssayTyper that will create an essay on any topic you choose. I played around with the site for a while. Turns out all it does is search for whatever topic you type in on Wikipedia and copies different sections. It also makes it look like the user is typing in a word processor if anybody is looking over their shoulder. There are other sites like this, some more complex, but all of them have a weakness, the internet makes finding plagiarism so easy ! Quetext is an online plagiarism checker, copy and paste anything into it and it’ll scan the web looking for those phrases, paste in a few sentences or an entire paper. After its search it gives the piece a score (higher is worse/more plagiarized) and highlights phrases it found on the web and shows you where they are. There are other si
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Happy National Angel Food Cake Day ! “Easily turn a Google spreadsheet into a random name picker.” – Really, it’s easy. And you only have to do it once per class to use it all year long. And I’ll show you how to organize your bookmarks to make it all easy to get to. Do you learn best by watching? Check out the video   Do you like a click sheet? I got you ! At the very least, go to and try out the Random Name Picker . Besides picking random students, it’ll build random teams, groups, and even a tournament bracket.